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perfect consultancy assignment.

As a partner in our network, you get access to practical features that make your workday easier, while your skills are automatically matched with suitable assignments.

Are you looking for jobs within IT?

No intermediaries

Connected Skills’ digital platform gives you direct access to the customer without intermediaries.

Automatic matching

As a consultant, you will be automatically matched when you are available for a new assignment.

Effective recruitment

The platform offers a digital recruitment process.

Resource planning tools

The resource planning tool for your consultants is free.

24/7 search function

Our search function is available 24 hours a day, every day.

Free of charge

Free of charge to create a login and upload your CV.


”I think the platform is great! You search for consultants based on your own description and your needs, and the platform takes care of the whole process. They also comply with procurement requirements, which is a great advantage for us as clients.”

Mats Elamzon, CDO, Landskrona Energi
”With Connected Skills, I am matched with jobs that suit me and on my terms.”
Joanna, Freelance app developer
”It is very convenient to manage my CV online and from there be automatically matched.”
Antonio, Freelance front-end developer
”At Connected Skills, as an independent consultant, I have the opportunity to build my own brand and get in touch with exciting companies.”
Andrei, Freelance project managers
”Connected Skills is easy and efficient to use and enables us to reach out to clients directly, which is a huge advantage. The platform also allows us to showcase our consultants and their skills in a professional and appealing way. Overall, our experience with Connected Skills has been very positive and we will definitely continue to use the service to promote our consultants and find new assignments in the future.”
Mathias Andersson, Key Account Manager, HiQ
”I have used the Connected Skills platform in several successful collaborations in assignments. One of the major advantages where it is possible to communicate directly with clients via the system. I think this system is unique and very good because of its openness, simplicity and transparency. I would strongly recommend other companies to use this system.”
Adam Oja, Sales Manager, DJV Consulting
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