Securitas Sweden

Connected Skills thanks Securitas Sweden for the trust and looks forward to a fruitful partnership!

Some time ago, Connected Skills had the pleasure of onboarding Securitas Sweden’s client in the platform. Securitas Sweden is an industry leader in security solutions and has played an active role in the development of the industry since its inception in 1934. Across Sweden, they protect homes, workplaces and our society, and employ nearly 10,000 people.

“Connected Skills makes it very easy to manage every step of the recruitment process, from posting an assignment to signing a consultant. In addition, you can manage both time reporting and invoicing in the platform – perfect!”

Ted Pettersson, Service Delivery Owner at Securitas Sweden

For you as a supplier, this means that the clients at Securitas Sweden can now search for available consultants for future IT assignments and projects on their own. Make sure to update your CV, availability and location to ensure that you and your consultants are matched with upcoming assignments and projects.

Register on the platform and apply for jobs immediately.


Why Connected Skills – CV edition!

Learn smart tips and tricks on how to use the Connected Skills CV Builder. You save time and energy and can present relevant CVs in no time!

1. Online CV
In Connected Skills you can create an online CV quickly and easily. Anyone, Connected Skills user or not, can open the link and it will always show the latest version of your CV. Say goodbye to 17 different PDF versions, this is the future!

2. Build a personalized CV template
The Connected Skills CV Builder allows you to easily create company-specific CV templates. Make your own mark by choosing your background, colors, fonts and layout. Upload your logo and you have top-notch CVs ready to present!

3. Highlighting specific missions
When you present a consultant for an assignment in Connected Skills, you can highlight previous assignments at the touch of a button. These then appear at the top of the presented CV and give the client a quick overview of how well the profile matches the job description.

4. Market your skills
Your Connected Skills CV is partly made up of skills, which you rank according to seniority. These skills will not only go on your CV, but your skills will also be searchable by our clients. You get an attractive CV and your profile is matched to customer needs – what could be better?

So Connected Skills can easily help you create a clean and clear CV more easily than ever. With our CV Builder, you can spend your time preparing for your next interview. Good luck!


Ola Ehrstedt in the podcast “Techskaparna”

The founder of Connected Skills, Ola Ehrstedt, is interviewed in the podcast “Techskaparna” with Anna Leijon and talks about the background of the platform, how you as a consultant and buyer of consulting services can benefit from the platform, he gives his view of the consulting industry in the current economy and what the future of Connected Skills looks like.

Listen to the full interview via the link…


Connected Skills & Child Action Lanka

Every year, we at Connected Skills highlight suggestions for charities that we can help. In 2023, we decided to donate money to Child Action Lanka (CAL), a charity working in Sri Lanka to ensure that vulnerable children have the opportunity for a safe and healthy upbringing with education and a nutritious diet, meeting their basic needs and contributing to positive changes for them and their families in society.

We are incredibly happy to be able to help and contribute to a better childhood and future for these children, and we look forward to following their and Child Action Lanka’s journey in the future.

Read more about Child Action Lanka and what the organization stands for. Download the pdf here…